Paper Outline

Introduction The first video on YouTube was uploaded on the 23rd of April 2005. That platform with just one video became a platform where 300 hours of footage are being uploaded every minute. With over 30 million visitors every day, this medium has become a huge influence on our culture and our lifestyle. Just like […]

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Annotated Bib v.2

Sahlin, Doug, and Chris Botello. YouTube For Dummies. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2011. I changed the articles that explained YouTube to a book that is called “YouTube For Dummies”. Chapter 5 and 6 talks about how you can create a YouTube channel, and how you can customize your own YouTube experience. From basic things […]

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UK’s Under 18 Policy

UK is currently imposing new restrictions on teenagers “liking” posts and building snap chat streaks. If you’re under 18, beware of the new policy as you might not be able to do a couple things within the social network. This policy came into place because social networks collected personal data when teenagers share photos or […]

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YouTube M.V

I wanted to work on a creative project that can represent what Korean media is going crazy for. My options were either opting into doing something “crazy (Wearing high heels for one day, eating really spicy food, etc)”, or creating a music video for a K-pop song. I’ve decided to direct and film a music […]

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Women in Tech

News Response #4 This news video was focused on how Afghan girls worked in tech to create technology that can autonomously navigate ships. We all have some knowledge of how women were looked down at in Afghan, where they are just treated as a source that help men strive in the outer world while they […]

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Annotated Bibliography

Choi, Minseok. “유튜버.” 유튜버, 2 Jan. 2019, : This website acts as a basis for my research. I will need to know what each of the terms exactly mean to get a grasp of deeper concepts as I continue on this research. This website helps me understand what a “YouTuber” is, and I decided to use […]

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The New Samsung Galaxy S10

News Response #3 After the new iPhone X, Samsung has released the new Galaxy S10. Not only did they release the new folding phone, it released 3 other phones all with different screen sizes and functions. The first thing that the public is hyped up about is the camera that provides an option for the […]

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