1M YouTubers in Korea

Final Project Proposal #1 South Korea is well known for its fast-shifting trends. This includes technology (phone, tv, PC, etc), music (K-pop, K-hip-hop), and most importantly, the media. The biggest boom within the media world of Korea is all the YouTubers, including all the streamers online. There was recent research where it said that there […]

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Facebook Weathers the Storm

News Response #1 The news website I have decided to follow will be BBC. Not only am I used to the website’s format since I used it all the time when I was in England, I think that it is one of the most trustworthy news sources worldwide. I want to catch up with what […]

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The Journey Begins…!

Blog Post 1 – Website Reflection Hello World! Finally, the website is created! There are just so many buttons to press and settings to take care of before I even have the chance to write my first post… Although there was a lot of fiddling around to find the right settings to get the looks […]

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