UK’s Under 18 Policy

UK is currently imposing new restrictions on teenagers “liking” posts and building snap chat streaks. If you’re under 18, beware of the new policy as you might not be able to do a couple things within the social network.

This policy came into place because social networks collected personal data when teenagers share photos or likes them on their feed. To avoid the placement of this new policy, the government is recommending the social apps to make changes to their privacy system. Making the privacy settings “high” by default, switch location-tracking setting to “off”, and to provide information on how their private information is being tracked and how it can be used to children are some of the recommendations the government made.

On top of that, they asked to change some features on advertisements on the medium as well. Having the “YES” sign be much bigger than “NO”, presenting data sharing as something positive, and requiring more clicks to set privacy settings to “high” are some of the factors they are worried about.

These days young children get exposed to various medium and can get easily tricked into sharing information without themselves noticing. UK is making a move in general to stop this from happening and causing a problem in the future.

Dongwoo Kim


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